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③森林環境贈与税で森林を蘇らせる です。



My New Years Resolutions for 2019. I have three Resolutions.

Do you know what these are?

The 1st Resolution, is to produce the municipal roads on a former cement plant. This is aiming to invite big firms, companies and provide a ton of employees.

The 2nd Resolution, is going to be running a new Chichibu Electronic Company. This will make more activation for the regional revival recommended by the national government. Regarding the process of making electric, we will generate the use of electric power in our houses, the electrical power products in 9 water facilities, 4 dams and garbage power generation, etc.These renewable energy is going to transfer to the outside of our city but, we must rebuy the power from the outside of the city. This power was made in Chichibu(it is inefficient for us to use).Then, I decided to establish the new electric company to use our generated power in our city to improve Chichibu and we will have much better services for our citizens! I dare to succeed our city’s future to be bright.

The 3rd Resolution, is to work effectively for using the forest environmental tax. This good tax is going to pay for the prevention of forest cutting, using and planting wood. We have one fourth largest forest in Saitama Prefecture. This big chance will help us refresh our forest. We are planning to return the tax in the most effective way.

That’s all of my three big resolutions for the next year. Thank you for reading until the end. May you be blessed in this great new year.