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The delegators from Antioch US came and we had a memorable welcome party at the Nohen Hotel Chichibu.

On behalf of the Chichibu city,

we are the best warm welcome to your sister city Chichibu.

We couldn’t wait for your coming and enjoying with you for your impressive tour.

I’m sure you will have great time in Chichibu.

You can make yourself comfortable everywhere anytime. Make lots of good memories, we hope.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to mention about sister city.

In my case, my first abroad trip was this beautiful city Antioch around 47 years ago before admission to medical school. I remembered the population of this specutacular city was less than the recent, but the residents were 100% friendly as same as now.

After this first visit, I’ve ever been there 8 or 9 times to stay. So I guess these experiences of Antioch let me build up my career and, you know, I became a mayor after a medical doctor.


Last but not least, I hope all of Chichibu students will become an international person by speaking English as well through this sister city organization.

Then, I’ll promise to keep this sister city organization of both cities as far as I’m a mayor.

Best wishes for continued friendship forever.

Thank you.