久喜くにやすブログ。 日々の活動をお伝えしてます。




Watch this doll! It’s adorable and fluffy figure. I like this one and have been supporting to make for 9 years.

“Susuki-mimizuku” is a traditional Japanese doll that is made of Japanese pampas grasses in Chichibu city. The story is what 10-year-old poor daughter couldn’t buy the medicine for her sick mother, then she put a lot of efforts into making “Susuki-mimizuku” and earned the money to buy the medicine at last. Her mother was getting better so far. The meaning is to bring enthusiasm for your conduction by yourself before another person’s help.

Zoushigaya is famous for this “Susuki-mimizuku”. The concerned persons came and saw to cut these Japanese pampas grasses with sickles at Chichibu area by the Chichibu-Toshima sister city interchange.